Alex Macpherson

Alex has been in the same position as many entrepreneurs having started, built and sold his own business. He founded Katalyst Ventures with his colleagues in 2000, creating the private angel network which would later be known as the Octopus Venture Partners. Over seven years, Alex led the business as CEO until its sale to Octopus in August 2007, providing succession plans for the executive team as the Titan series of VCTs were raised to invest alongside the newly branded Octopus Venture Partners. Since 2007, the amount of assets that the Ventures team manages has risen from approximately £20 million to in excess of £500 million at a time when the economy has seen the worst financial crisis in a generation.

Alex is chairman of the Octopus Ventures Investment Committee, remaining actively involved in new deal transactions, portfolio management, exits and new fund creation. Under Alex’s leadership, the Ventures team at Octopus has established itself as one of the leading European venture capital houses.